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A Collaboration

Designers. Builders. Owners

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Project: 50 Flinders Street, image courtesy JPE Design Studio

Using BIM, we connect the dots and let you get on with what you're good at

Design and construction in the built environment involves a lot of people with everyone having their part to play. It’s also where a truly collaborative team can be an incredibly efficient and effective asset.

One of the keys to connecting the dots between the many different stakeholders is understanding Building Information Modelling (BIM) as a process and a technology – and how it can be used for successful collaboration.

At Virtual Built we use BIM and its technologies to make sure the right information gets to the right people at the right time. By using BIM in a project, our goal is to keep your team connected, making coordination – and collaboration – much easier.

A cohesive team also means an increase in productivity when it comes to creating and analysing building information across all life cycles in the built environment.

We work with designers, builders, contractors and owners on these technologies to perfect shared design workflows and boost efficiency.

Use technology to do the heavy lifting

BIM lets us master the complex and do amazing things. Our goal is to make the technology do all the hard work and let you get on with the project at hand.

By using the best technology with the right process, you can leverage individual and stakeholder strengths and responsibilities. What’s more, we can solve those tricky problems – even before they exist.

Through Virtual Built, your team can become efficient, effective and collaborative.

Doing great things with Virtual Built

Teams working with Virtual Built to achieve great results:

Hansen Yuncken | JPE | Mott MacDonald | BESTEC | PromptAir | Thomas Drafting | Jordan Plumbing
Trojan | Tyrone | INTRO Design | Russell&Yelland | Alexander & Symonds | Uni SA | HYLC

Project: new Royal Adelaide Hospital, image courtesy HYLC JV

How we do it


A BIM Management Plan is critical to the success of any BIM project. Our focus is on managing projects and getting the right information to the right people at the right time.


Audits are a necesity to keep the project on course. They help identify potential problems early and keep teams accountable.


Our QA strategy will focus the team on Collaborative BIM processes. QC maintains a high standard of modelling.

Clash Detection

Coordination is our 'best seller'. It's what everyone wants. It's not as easy as running 'Clash Detection' though.


Model-based estimating, or 5D, provides useful cost feedback to the project team during all phases of design and construction.


4D modelling provides project teams a better understanding project milestones and construction plans. Simulations help identifiy potential problems early.


Optimise and improve BIM performance by analysing data from the models. Our reports and dashboards highlight key metrics where we can identify patterns, measure and make adjustments.


We like the use of cloud technologies like cloud-based model environments, project platforms etc. Teams can run lean, focusing on content and production, while maintaining a level of transparency for the broader team.


Collaboration is our 'secret sauce'. We've got a number of techniques that we use to keep teams working well together. Silo BIM just isn't BIM.

"If a coordinated result is the goal,
collaboration is how we get there."

"If a coordinated result is the goal,
collaboration is how we get there."

We can also help you with...


Need to know more about Revit, BIM 360 Glue or Navisworks? Or do you need help with implementation, process and workflows?

We’re not only experts in BIM, but we also like to share what we know. We offer a range of training to help you realise a software program’s full potential – as well as your own.

Whether you’re a beginner or advanced, our training works around your business and can be customised to every user.

Content Creation

Good content can make a BIM project, while bad content can be its undoing. Our experience with good (and bad) content helps ensure your content makes a project rather than breaks it.

Let us help you avoid those common pitfalls, control product data and maximise the quality of your deliverables through our content creation.

Virtual Built

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